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f11 preview experiences

Used the preview x86_64 DVD iso.

Install from hard disk worked fine this time - much more
convenient than having to burn a dvd, glad it is working

What on earth is in the "Electronics Lab" program group?
If I look at the 4 optional packages, they are things
like 100dpi X11 fonts, and the minicom terminal program.
Why do they have anything to do with hardware design?

Why on earth is power management and screen blanking on
during anaconda? I was sitting across the room glancing
at the screen from time to time to monitor progress,
then the screen goes blank, forcing me to actually
stand up and walk 6 feet to touch the mouse :-).

I did what I usually do (especially with test versions),
selected pretty much all optional packages in all groups,
and I wound up with two "Screensaver" menu entries that
run two different dueling screensaver dialogs.

The boot time really is very much faster (at last!).

I wonder if the fast boot and shutdown is a bit too fast?
After I got the initial install done on an alternate
partition, I wanted to boot back into my normal default
fedora 10, so I used the gnome shutdown option directly
from my login session, and when f10 booted up, the fsck
went into "recovering journal" mode on the f11 partition
which I had just (seemingly) shut down normally. It said
it found and fixed an orphan inode. (Still using ext3
for everything, no ext4 experiment yet :-).

That's all I can remember without my notes from last night,
may have more to add this evening.

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