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Re: f11 preview experiences

On Wed, 2009-04-29 at 07:29 -0400, Tom Horsley wrote:

> Why on earth is power management and screen blanking on
> during anaconda? I was sitting across the room glancing
> at the screen from time to time to monitor progress,
> then the screen goes blank, forcing me to actually
> stand up and walk 6 feet to touch the mouse :-).

Because it's not turned off.

I can see an argument for disabling display power saving during
anaconda, or at least during the actual formatting and package install
steps, which are long, and not something you want to see disappear.

> I did what I usually do (especially with test versions),
> selected pretty much all optional packages in all groups,
> and I wound up with two "Screensaver" menu entries that
> run two different dueling screensaver dialogs.

Yeah, that's gnome-screensaver versus xscreensaver.  Would be nice if
there were a way to suppress one if the other is installed, but I'm not
sure the .desktop file format is canny enough to do that.

- ajax

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