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Re: Downgrading gnome-volume-control and mixer_applet to be usable

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Wed, 2009-04-29 at 09:30 -0700, Nathan Grennan wrote:
I have installed Fedora 11 preview in VMware, and found that PulseAudio has become more entrenched in Gnome. :( The first symptom of it was the login sound kept repeating till I killed PulseAudio. I found that panel applet was useless. So I hunted for a way to revert to the previous style.

First I found I could just downgrade to the older version of gnome-media, but I couldn't do the same with gnome-applets. I tried recompiling the old gnome-applets against the newer Gnome, but that didn't work. Then I found that the newer version of both packages have configure options to revert to the previous style. So I downloaded the src.rpms and recompiled both. It works!

I am glad I found these configure options. For a minute I was considering trying to move to XFCE again.

You obviously missed the last week of fedora-devel-list. :)


I just looked over you package and gave it some thought. This package only solves one of my two problems and creates another. It solves the lack of the mixer application, but doesn't solve the lack of the good mixer applet. It also creates the new problem of that if you restore the mixer applet it will run the wrong mixer application, since your mixer is renamed.

The best solution would probably to be a second package with the mixer applet, but with a patch to use the new name of the mixer application. Then both the old and new could co-exist, I think.

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