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Re: F11 Preview - First impressions

--- On Wed, 4/29/09, E.B. A. <usul80 gmail com> wrote:

> From: E.B. A. <usul80 gmail com>
> Subject: F11 Preview - First impressions
> To: fedora-test-list redhat com
> Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 3:20 PM
> Hi all,
> I  installed and used F11 Preview and these are my first
> impressions.
> - The system runs ok, I did not have any big problem. I
> have to admit it
> looks more stable than I thought.
> - Boot time is a bit higher than the advertised 20 seconds.
> It goes from 30
> to 50 seconds. I rebooted the system about 5 times. It is
> still acceptable.
> One question: when the system boots and the progress bar is
> displayed there
> is no Fedora logo. Is this correct?
IT depends on the graphic card that you have.  ie, some of the cards like ATI display the Fedora infinity logo correctly, others maybe Nvidia just show the progress bar, this depends on your graphics card.  Which graphics card do you have? 
> - The only problems I had so far are related to the Package
> Manager.
> Sometimes when I modify the checkboxes in the repository
> list it freezes or
> it shows an eternal "Waiting in queue" message.
> This happens sometimes even
> if it is the first thing I do and even if all the update
> requests are done.
> I have to say, it is slightly less usable than my
> experience on F9 (I missed
> F10, sorry!). Once, after 10 minutes a "yum
> locked" window popped up.
This is normal, if you are using CLI/command line yum, the PackageKit kicks in and tries to connect itself, but since yum is running already from command line, it complains that it cannot get the "exclusive Lock".  
> - I tried to install KDE (both in terminal and using the
> package manger) but
> I continuously get an signature error, which surprised me.
> See the
> following:
> Package kdelibs-common-4.2.2-12.fc11.x86_64.rpm is not
> signed
> [root squarz ~]# ^C
> [root squarz ~]# ^C
> [root squarz ~]# yum install @kde-desktop
> Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
> Setting up Install Process
> [...]
> Total size: 306 M
> Is this ok [y/N]: y
> Downloading Packages:
> Package kdelibs-common-4.2.2-12.fc11.x86_64.rpm is not
> signed
This should not happen, rawhide packages are not signed.  Maybe a bug.  Also the way that you are trying to install KDE is different than I have seen.  As long as it works it is OK.  I have seen it recommendend to do a 
# yum install "K Desktop Environment"  

> Thanks,
> Enrico Accenti
> -- 




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