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F11 Preview - test with usbkey

A few impressions from a quick F11 preview test.  I burned the livecd iso to
CD - then test booted the CD on a Dell D610 laptop. Worked but rather slow
since files constantly being pulled from the CD.  With the livecd still
running I did a "yum install livecd-tools" and then plugged in a usbkey and
made a bootable F11 Preview usbkey with a persistent storage area.

This booted nicely and quite fast. Wireless networking in gnome worked well
to a WPA2 access point, and I noted that the NetworkManager options at last
has the option to make the wireless connection available to all users -
although I did not test this I presume that this means it will have wireless
active on bootup next time.

A few tests on the menus and everything worked that I tested. No major
faults apart from when I shut down using the gnome direct shutdown and the
system hung before it shut down propoerly.  There is an existing bz on hang
during shutdown so it is possible what I saw was the same bug.

Anyway first impressions are favourable and this looks generally like F11
will be a good release.

One thing that needs to be clarified is how the availability of ext4 will
affect install decisions for systems already running F10.  Although I did
not install to HD, when F11 is released the decision will need to be made to
switch over to ext4 or not for at least some of the partitions on the system
- at present I use / and /opt as separate partitions with /home as a
subdirectory of /opt - without a /boot separate partition then I guess the
only option will be to keep the  root partition as ext3 for the present
since grub won't honour ext4 yet.  However if the main HD was re-partitioned
to make a new /boot partition then I guess /boot left as ext3 with anaconda
reformatting the root partition as ext4 for the install will be a way

For /opt I suppose that making a backup ahead of the install and then
getting the install to reformat /opt as ext4 as well and then copying back
(rsync -X) to /opt from backup will preserve the files intact on the
reformatted partition?

I guess that most people develop their own way of "upgrading" from one
release to the next but this is an area that is generally not extensively
documented apart from lots of bits of answers spread out over many questions
on forums. I prefer clean installs every time but I still need to keep user
areas and personalised files etc in /opt preserved for use in the new
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