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Re: F11 Preview - test with usbkey - upgrade partitions

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 06:12:07 -0700 (PDT)
Mike Cloaked wrote:

> However I would be interested in hearing how others achieve their change to
> newer versions of Fedora?

I'm very similar to you, always doing a fresh install then replicating
my previous setup. I also have home on a separate disk subdirectory,
but don't do any fancy bind mounting, I just replace /home with a
symlink once I'm ready to fully transition to the new system.

I have everything backed up, but I also keep my old fedora around,
always installing the new one on a different partition (actually
I have several fedoras around, but one is my "primary").

I'll fiddle with the new fedora from time to time, replicating all the
setup I have on the old fedora until I think it is working well,
when I finally switch to using the new fedora as the new primary.
That mostly just means changing my stand-alone grub partition's
default boot so it chainloads the new fedora rather than the old one,
but I keep the old one around for reference when I find something
missing in the new one, I can see what I did in the old one.

I keep a big text file with a list of all the things I do to the
system, and when I find something missing, I try to add it to that
file so I'll always have an up to date checklist.

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