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Re: F11 Preview - test with usbkey - upgrade partitions

Tom Horsley-3 wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 06:12:07 -0700 (PDT)
> Mike Cloaked wrote:
>> However I would be interested in hearing how others achieve their change
>> to
>> newer versions of Fedora?
> I'm very similar to you, always doing a fresh install then replicating
> my previous setup. I also have home on a separate disk subdirectory,
> but don't do any fancy bind mounting, I just replace /home with a
> symlink once I'm ready to fully transition to the new system.

I should comment on that - on systems prior to F10 I used to have /home as a
symlink to a home directory on another partition - but that caused real (avc
denial) problems when I ran F10 which was the first time I used SElinux in
earnest - so now I used a bind mount rather than a symlink and SElinux does
not complain.  Since SElinux is there by default now, and with no install
option to disable it I decided to climb the SElinux learning curve, and now
all my systems run with SElinux enabled for F10 - I am now happy with that
though there are a few tweaks needed for some applications to work without
avc denials.

I also use bind mounts for mail directories that are stored locally using
dovecot imap so that my previous system's email is not lost during install
of a new system.

No doubt there will be some "tweaking" needed for F11 also!
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