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issues with updates installed last night

Updated last night and rebooted this morning on my Aspire One.

Didn't seem to get to grub at all. Booted from my USB key in rescue
mode, did the chroot thing and did a grub-install /dev/sda and was able
to reboot.

During boot though, tons of messages scroll by about all the various
tty's respawning too fast, where they are turned off (even at run level
1) and thus I have no keyboard and cannot even log in. This is prior to
opening syslog for writing.

There are messages on screen about
/sbin/consoletype: error while loading shared libraries: libc.so.6:
cannot open shared object file: Permission denied

This seemed to also occur with each boot so I am doing a full selinux
relabel this time.

The relabel just finished and it seems to allow me to use the keyboard
now. I may actually be working at this point.

Any suggestions on what I can/should do to make this a useful bug


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