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Re: Can't stop log

Antonio Olivares wrote:
--- On Thu, 4/30/09, Allen Kistler wrote:
I chased ConsoleKit, gnome-session, and a few others when I
saw this bug on my systems. I didn't get anywhere. It's a challenging bug to chase, because it doesn't
always happen.  Although I think it may be more reproducible
when going from runlevel 5 to runlevel 3, maybe because if
something's broken, it gets killed anyway in runlevel 0
or runlevel 6 when shutdown or reboot actually shuts down or

Anyway, I've seen people ask about this bug on this
list (with various subject lines, but always essentially the
same thing).  I've seen other people file bugs and get
them marked as duplicate.  I've seen people add
themselves as CCs on existing bugs.  Even if I'm really
stupid, I'd think at least some of the people interested
in this bug are pretty bright.  The fact that nobody seems
to have a handle on exactly what's going on is kind of

For me, the power button and ACPI still team up to provide
a graceful shutdown, but that seems a bit inelegant.

If you take another look at the attachment sent by Bill, the cultprit seems to be selinux not allowing shutdown. However, the updates might have fixed it? Don't know why but I have seen several of my rawhide machines doing this, but I did not bother to check what was going on and just pressed power button so that they could shutdown all the way.
I know my bad, but I see it only on two of the five machines and others do shutdown properly so it seems to me that not all users out there are experiencing the same trouble(s).

I question SELinux as the root cause, because:
1. The problem has existed for a while with no AVC denial.
2. I ran in permissive mode, anyway, and still saw the bug.
3. The bug only happens sometimes, but SELinux would be all the time.

In other words, I think SELinux is a new bug that should be fixed, and I think we still need to keep looking. I haven't done much testing in the last week, half because of the freeze making nothing new available to test. Now I've got a copy of the Preview DVD, so I'll crank it up again today or tomorrow and see what I see. I heartily encourage everyone else to do the same.

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