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Updated Fedora 13 QA Schedule

At FUDCon we went over the Fedora 13 QA Schedule. As requested I have added two extra image verification tasks:


#8 2010-01-28
#9 2010-02-04

This also means that QA will need Release Engineering to create images for these same dates. I have added them as task #10 and task #11 to the Release Engineering schedule.


In addition I adjusted the "Pre-Beta Rawhide Acceptance Test Plan" task (#28) on http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-13-draft/f-13-quality-tasks.html to fall the week before the "Test Compose".

1) QA--did I capture all the right changes we discussed?

2) Release Engineering--can you commit to creating the images for QA on the specified dates?


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