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nouveau issues


I just built myself a new computer (contractor fried old motherboard by plugging power tools into UPS, so it was time to upgrade!), so now I'm working with the nouveau driver rather than unichrome.

I'm sticking with F12 rather than rawhide for a little while so that the new hardware has time to settle down before I start messing with bleeding-edge stuff.

I've noticed a couple of intermittent display issues, and I'd appreciate any feedback... are these known issues? should I report them? are there workarounds?

First of all, occasionally when I log out and the X server tries to restart, it fails to restart and all I get is a blank screen. When this happens chvt doesn't work either. Xorg is running but apparently having trouble completely initializing, presumably because something was left behind when the previous X server shut down. Killing the X server doesn't help -- it just restarts and gets into the same state.

Once recently I encountered an issue where my mouse cursor disappeared. When I moved my mouse around, different windows got focus (I have focus follows mouse enabled), but I couldn't actually see the mouse cursor. I seem to recall that I had to reboot to fix this -- restarting X didn't do the trick.

Any tips?


Jonathan Kamens

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