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Re: Improve preupgrade test case - Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space for review

On Tue, 2009-12-22 at 14:13 +0800, He Rui wrote:
> Greetings,
> As we know, preupgrade test[1] used to test by upgrading a system
> which contained one kernel. However, in the real world, users often
> install at least 2 kernels before upgrading to a new version. In such
> case, the disk space in /boot is just enough for preupgrade to
> download the installer but not quite enough to run the installer and
> install the new kernel after reboot. Therefore,  the test should
> include having more kernels installed in /boot to more accurately
> reflect what real-world users will be starting from. 
> So, Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space case[2] was added to reflect this.
> In the test case, two kernels are installed on the previous system for
> updating. As expected results, the users should be prompted with a low
> disk-space warning, and removing older kernels allows the upgrade to
> proceed beyond the low disk-space warning.
> Please refer to Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space[2] for detailed
> information. Welcome everyone to review it and give comments.

Looks great.  We can get fancy and verify preupgrade handling at each of
the different disk space checks.  And that might be something useful we
do if we host a pre-upgrade test day.  But for the common case, and the
issue that surfaced near the end of F-12, I think you've captured it


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