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Re: Announcing Fedora 11 Alpha (blink)

John Summerfield wrote:

Any news on dom0 for xen?

Progressively slowly upstream



 Windows Cross Compiler (mingw32-*)
Good news. Will this permit developing Windows applications

Yes. That's exactly why it is introduced. To develop for Windows, without using Windows as a development environment. It is being used to develop virt-manager for Windows.

 Can one
create .msi files? These are next to essential for ease of deployment on Windows.

Will have to ask in in Fedora mingw mailing lists or IRC

  Btrfs File System

The Btrfs next-generation file system is an experimentally supported option in this release. To enable it within the installer, pass icantbelieveitsnotbtr at the installation boot prompt. The This might have seemed quite good fun at the time, but trust me it's going to become very tiresome very quickly for your users. Please, allow "btrfs," nothing longer.

It is deliberately kept that way since the on-disk format might still change. We don't need everyone jumping on it yet. So the additional burden is negligible. This is similar to Ext4 support in Fedora 9. Subsequent versions will progressively make it easier as Ext4 has been.


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