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Re: f11 alpha install failure

On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 02:30:43PM -0800, David L wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 1:36 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
> > On 2009/02/05 13:18 (GMT-0800) David L composed:
> >
> >> But last week, my old CRT monitor died and I replaced
> >> it with a new flat panel.  After that, the screen corruption
> >> came back.  That's why I was trying f11 to see if it would
> >> be any better.  So far, it's not looking good.  Each release
> >> since f6, the i810 driver has been worse for me.  :(
> >
> > i810 became an alias for intel, I think over a year ago now. 845, 855 & 945
> > chips seem to be the most troublesome for the recent intel drivers.
> I have this chipset:
> (II) intel(0): Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) 865G
> (--) intel(0): Chipset: "865G"
> and it has also been quite troublesome.

That most likely will be this:
As there is no real way to pass X server configuration to anaconda
you have to do installation/upgrades in a text mode.  Once done
making up xorg.conf with "NoAccel" set will get you graphics if not
the greatest ones.  I do have a laptop where this was necessary and
it works.

Some machines may also require such treatment:
This time passing to anaconda 'clocksource=jiffies' is easy.
If your clock is going crazy and/or multiple strokes are required
before a key is recognized then you have a "candidate" on hands.


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