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Re: QA Certification?

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 11:24 -0600, Michael Cronenworth wrote:

While a professional QA certification would be nice, it might be too much to ask for a GNU/Linux person type to have one.

I don't think that was Leam's idea. Actually Leam and I and a few others
met up for lunch today (thanks Leam!) and we talked about it a bit. I
hope I'm not misrepresenting anything, but here's what I think his idea

That's right, right Leam? I think it's a nice idea for sure.

Exactly right! For example, you don't have to have an RHCE to work with Fedora but the skills and experience work together. Of course, having the RHCE never hurts! Helping with Fedora would help you grow your RHCE skills, I'd like us to help those who want to grow their Software Testing skills to be able to provide the same opportunity.

Make sense? Michael, please keep in mind that I'm really in the first draft of making this public so I really appreciate you speaking up and helping me clarify.


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