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Re: Anybody testing ext4 in Fedora 11 Alpha?

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 10:15:19PM -0600, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Will Woods wrote:

> > Oh, and by the way.. if you're like me, and you're installing from the
> > Live image anyway, you might think: "Hey, I'll migrate the filesystem
> > after the install finishes, before I reboot into the new system". Nice
> > idea, but if you don't rebuild the initrd after migrating the rootfs to
> > ext4, the system won't boot. Yeah, found that out the hard way.
> > 
> Also ... 'migrating' at this point doesn't gain you a lot; only new
> files after this will be written in extents format.

Lastly keep in mind (it's mentioned in the release notes, but bit at
least one friend) that you MUST have a separate ext2 or 3 /boot
partition at this point.  The included grub won't boot ext4, so you have
to have that.

Scott Robbins
PGP keyID EB3467D6
( 1B48 077D 66F6 9DB0 FDC2 A409 FA54 EB34 67D6 )
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