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Rawhide laptop died yesterday. fils system errors after crash.

It may be just my laptop, but I want to warn anyway...
Yesterday, I updated, including a new kernel. Rebooted, used the system for
a little while, and then left it. As usual when I leave it long enough it
was stuck when I got back. Powered off and on again, and it doesn't boot.
Messages about journal errors, block errors, ATA reset errors of some kind,
etc. This is on a 80GB Solid State Drive. Doesn't even boot to single-user,
so I'll have to get a rawhide recovery environment on USB or CD.

I have tried the older kernels on the system as well, and it's just the
same. Seems like my file system is foobar.

So, a few questions:
- Where do I find a relatively current rawhide bootable recovery environment
(Live image or whatever). I have seen on this list there have been some
problems building live images lately...
- Does anyone want me to follow certain procedures before I start trying to
fix this myself? Gather forensic data for the file system guys or something?


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