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Re: F12 Alpha Blocker Bug review meeting recap 2009-07-17

Adam Williamson said the following on 07/17/2009 12:57 PM Pacific Time:
A quick recap of today's blocker bug review meeting for Fedora 12
(especially Alpha).

Attendees at various times were myself, James Laska, Jesse Keating,
Matthias Clasen, Toshio Kuratomi, Adam Miller and Denise Dumas. Thanks
to all attendees.

We reviewed in full both the F12Alpha and F12Blocker lists, dropping
several bugs from each, and adding two from F12Blocker to F12Alpha. We
also worked to clarify the status of work on several of the bugs.

If you are aware of any bugs that you think should be blockers for
either Fedora 12 Alpha or Fedora 12 final release, please bring them to
the attention of test-list, or simply set them to block the appropriate
bugs (F12Alpha and F12Blocker, respectively) yourself, and we will
review them at the next meeting. Please do actively think about this: we
want to catch all critical bugs, and we don't mind downgrading a few
'false positives' if it means not missing any important issues!
The next meeting is due next Friday, 2009-07-24.

Thanks for doing the summary! Much appreciated. It's exciting to see how organized we are so far for Fedora 12 and we haven't even reached a freeze. I think this is going to go a long way towards reducing the stress and surprises in Fedora 12, particularly as we get into the routine of reviewing the blocker lists on a regular basis. Go team! :)


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