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2009-07-27 - 16:00 UTC - Fedora QA meeting recap

Full IRC transcript available at

= Attendees =

* Adam Williamson (adamw)
* David Pravec (dpravec)
* James Laska (jlaska)
* (jeff_hann)
* Jesse Keating (f13)
* J├│hann Gu├░mundsson (viking-ice)
* John Poelstra (poelcat)
* Kamil Paral (kparal)
* Seth Vidal (skvidal)
* Will Woods (wwoods)

= Agenda =

[https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-July/msg00529.html Proposed meeting agenda]

== Previous meeting follow-up ==

# [Viking-Ice] - updating meeting channel page w/ new QA time
#* Updated [[Meeting_channel]]
#* [[User:kparal]] updated future QA meeting wiki [[QA/Meetings]]

# [jlaska] - discuss ideas with fedora-infrastructure for getting test
candidates out to testers
#* Jlaska spoke to mmcgrath about potential bandwith/performance
problems.  Mmcgrath indicated the system has been newly updated and he
was not aware of any previous performance bottlenecks.  Recommended
continuing as planned with announcing the test images to
fedora-test-list, and the infrastructure team will monitor
alt.fedoraproject.org for any issues.  
#* Issue summarized in the infrastructure ticket -

# [Viking-Ice] - update on Dracut testing considerations (see agenda
item below)
#* See agenda below

== Dracut rawhide testing update ==

With the new meeting time, there was less time since the last meeting
for follow-up on this item.  Viking_ice requested keeping this topic on
the agenda for next meeting.

== In the news ==

=== Alpha test compose ===

An F12 Alpha test compose is scheduled for delivery this Wednesday,
2009-07-29 (see
schedule]).  Liam Li has invited install testers to contribute results
against the upcoming Alpha Candidate.

* See
[https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-July/msg00523.html mailing list announcement]
* See [[QA:Fedora_12_Install_Test_Plan]]
* See [[QA:Fedora_12_Alpha_Install_Test_Results]]

f13 indicated we are in good shape, except several install test blockers
on {{bz|F12Alpha}} list, including:
* {{bz|510033}} - AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute
* {{bz|511907}} - parted.Disk.duplicate exception in storage scan
* {{bz|514062}} - Rawhide missing images

Kparal informed the team that 2 bugs still needed testing.  The team
agreed these issues were Alpha blockers since virt is becoming a key
part of test automation.
* {{bz|513175}} - ImportError: No module named decorator
* {{bz|513383}} - Detecting devices crashes 

=== Alpha blocker bug day#3 ===

In preparation for this Friday's blocker bug day#3, jlaska asked the
group for volunteers to help announce and summarize the event (in
accordance with the draft SOP

Whose got the ball(s)?
* Poelcat agreed to send out a blocker bug meeting announcement
* Adamw agreed to follow-up the meeting with a summary of actions
* Jlaska challenged someone to bring some fun ascii art to the meeting,
dpravec accepted the challenge

== AutoQA update ==

Wwoods informed the team that 7 of 12 tests from the
[[QA:Rawhide_Acceptance_Test_Plan]] are now automated.  Will plans to
announce recent changes through a combination of wiki documentation and
blog posts.  Wwoods was also debating enabling test results by email to
increase visibility of test results until a production server is

Dpravec updated the group on testing status of the autotest package.
The latest version appears to be missing a file which results in a
failure.  More infomation posted to
https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/9#comment:32.  F13 plans to
investigate the packaging failure soon.

== Open discussion ==

=== Mass rebuild ===

f13 informed the team about the upcoming rawhide rebuild to accomodate:
* New i686 architecture
* New compression  - see [[Features/XZRpmPayloads]]
* New glibc and gcc

This change introduces a upgrade problem for testers already on rawhide
-- see {{bz|513937}}.  The team discussed how to document upgrading for
current rawhide testers and concluded posting a guide to the
http://rawhidewatch.wordpress.com blog was the best avenue.  The current
recommended upgrade procedure for testers already on rawhide is:

* Install ''rpm'' package from f11-updates repo

Jlaska took an action item to discuss with Warren.

=== Test Day Live image script ===

Kparal notified the team that the current Test Day creation script (see
[[QA/Test_Days/Live_Image]]) incorrectly uses Fedora 11 as a base repo.
Jlaska indicated he has been secretly using a slightly modified version
of the script for building test day images.  Kparal was investigating
updates to the recommended procedure to cleanly recommend using the
rawhide package repo.

=== QA blogs request? ===

Viking_ice informed the team that no progress has been made on his
fedora-infrastructure request for a QA blog.  Viking_ice asked the team
how they plan to inform people of QA activities.

Adamw responded that currently, he, wwoods and jlaska have blogs that
are aggregated on fedora planet and they blog about QA significant
events.  Viking_ice indicated a strong preference for an official QA
blog.  Some discussion followed as to whether a dedicated QA wordpress
instance, or an aggregated fedora planet QA feed would be the best
solution in the short term.

No conclusion was reached in the meeting.

=== <Your topic here> ===

= Upcoming QA events =

* 2009-07-28 - [[BugZappers/Triage_days]]
* 2009-07-29 -
Alpha Test Compose]
* 2009-08-03 - [[QA/Meetings/20090803]] at 16:00 UTC 

= Action items =

* [jlaska] - file bug against distribution for rawhide pungi problems
* [poelcat] - to send blocker bug meeting announce
* [adamw] - to summarize blocker meeting
* [dpravec] - posting some fun ascii art for blocker bug meeting
* [jlaska] - talk to warren about a rawhidewatch post on rpm xz
workaround for rawhide testers
* [kparal] - investigate updates to Test Day livecd-creator instructions

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