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Re: [WAAAAAY OT] can't build openembedded/angstrom on f11

On Sun, 31 May 2009, Robert L Cochran wrote:

> Yes I installed glibc-static and texi2html after carefully reading
> your posts, your wiki, the Angstrom web page and the initial
> `bitbake base-image` output. Success in building software comes from
> reading the docs, initial failure, and trying again. The build took
> a long, long time for me and all worked well.

  yes, it takes a while.  the "start the build and go out drinking"
type of while.

> Since you have a Beagle Board can you post photos of it in use on
> your wiki? Or send me photos offlist, if possible? I'm very curious
> as to your results.

  there's plenty of BB-related stuff at the main web site:
http://beagleboard.org.  lots of cool pix, lots of links, lots of
people doing wicked cool stuff with it -- audio, video, etc.

> If my guess is correct you even had to pay additional taxes to get
> the Beagle Board from Digi-Key...unless, of course, you drove to
> Digi-Key's location and took delivery at their sales counter. Not
> that I know if they do that.

  if you're in canada, http://digikey.ca.  no big deal.

> So you must have a strong reason to get this board.

  just playing -- it's a cheap option for getting into embedded linux.
and, just to be clear, obviously this board isn't technically related
to fedora test releases -- i only asked here since it was clear that
there was *something* fedora-related to the build failing, i just
couldn't figure out what.  when others are saying, "hey, i'm using
ubuntu, it builds just fine," there's some incentive to figure out
what it is about fedora that's mucking things up.  and the solution
turned out to be fairly trivial.  (i might even put in a request that
the build process check for that and issue a warning to f11 users.)

  in any event, it's a cool toy, particularly for folks who want to
get into android, given the growing popularity of android on
linux-based phones.  there's an android port for the beagleboard so
you have a cheap way of jumping in.  the only slight drawback is that,
while there's buckets of online docs, sometimes it's hard to track it
all down, which is why i wrote this:


if you follow what's there on your f11 system, it should just work.
if it doesn't, then i'll fix the page.


p.s.  i even have one of these to go with it:


in any event, enjoy.  i'm just going to make sure that everything
that's supposed to work continues to work under fedora.


Robert P. J. Day                               Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

        Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry.

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