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Re: still having occasional hard desktop lockups

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  i know i've mentioned this before but i'm still having the
occasional desktop lockup where, when i'm trying to, say, just drag a
window, the cursor changes to the 4-way arrow and just *stays* that
way.  i can still move the cursor but it's painfully slow and there's
no way to get control of the system back short of power cycling.

  IIRC, if i'm on a network, i can still ssh in so the underlying
system is still functioning, but there's no way to break out of X
anymore -- ctrl-alt-bs doesn't work.

  is anyone else seeing this?  radeon driver.


I am running into this with KDE desktop. Exact symptoms. The keyboard is dead and I cannot do anything. Even the Caps Lock key doesn't work. Num lock does work.

I tried to kill processes from a ssh but had no success.

No process loads to indicate where the problem is. Nothing to report to assist in a bug report.

What desktop are you running out of curiosity?

I have nVidia on an older system. I have not run into this with my 64bit system.

I have not had a lockup for a few days but before I get into a video editing session (when my lockups are normal), I log out and back in. It seems to work great.

You do make a point about the changes. It seems that most of the lockups are when I make quick changes to the applications.

Any hints on what to look for via strace or what application to look at?

Robin Laing

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