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Re: RCs for Everyone (was One (more) week slip of Fedora 11 Release)

Chris Adams wrote:

Okay, so?  Not sure what you are trying to differentiate here.  Rawhide
changes daily, so I expect anybody using rawhide to use some of my bits
per second every day after the sync.

Example: Release day is often murder for mirrors. I wait at least a week before upgrading because it would take hours to download packages via preupgrade or yum.

Yeah, but that's release day, not the weeks before release when you are
wanting RCs.

There are also a number of high-bandwidth mirrors these days (such as
kernel.org) that greatly reduce the slowdown during release.  IIRC even
my little mirror only really topped out its bandwidth for a couple of
days after the release of F10 (and it wasn't flat-lined; HTTP was still
getting through just fine for the most part).

Sounds like mirrors could/should take RCs then? Push them out and announce their availability when they show up (24h?)? Negates the whole bittorrent/jigdo discussion.

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