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Re: RC2 Anaconda loses existing RAID config

On Sun, 2009-05-31 at 21:08 -0500, Allen Kistler wrote:
> AnacondaBlocker or not?  Read on.
> Booting with a kickstart file with missing directives should prompt for 
> that info manually.  In my case, I leave out the partitioning info 
> because my machines are different from each other physically, but I like 
> to set them up the same as much as possible, hence kickstart.
> I discovered that anaconda on the F11-rc2 DVD, when prompting for disk 
> layout, does not display any existing RAID configuration on the custom 
> layout screen.  The config appears to be lost.
> The same problem does not occur when not using kickstart.  The same 
> problem did not occur with alpha, beta, or preview when using kickstart, 
> so this bug is a regression.
> I collected the RC2 logs and posted them to BZ #503310, along with their 
> Preview counterparts.  Apparently the version of anaconda on the RC2 DVD 
> doesn't just lose the config.  It never collects it in the first place.
> I suspect there are other use cases (necessarily involving kickstarting) 
> that this bug would affect.  So ... Blocker?  I'd hate to cause another 
> week's delay, but it seems like something worth checking.

Interesting use case.  I do somewhat similar things sometimes with a
semi-automated kickstart ... and I pick up manually where it leaves off.

I've added myself to the cc list of the bug and will see if I can add
any additional value to your findings.


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