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Possible bug with issuing sync from two open terminals

With an 8 gig flash drive (as a regular user),  onto which I was copying about 6.8 gig. When the copy was over, I opened two gnome terminals, to do some work and issued the sync command from one terminal. I then happened to switch to the second terminal and instead of waiting for the first sync command to complete, issued the sync command a second time.

Either there was something wrong with the flash drive, or something else is wrong, but I noted that issuing the second sync command from the second terminal while the fist sync command was being executed resulted in the corruption of the flash drive file system (fat32). Does the sync command serialize it's operation?

So. I am wondering if anyone else had experienced this situation.  Usually, I would issue the umount command to flush the buffers for the drive so I could unmount it. But this time I wanted to keep the drive mounted.

All source files are intact on EXT3 file systems.


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