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Re: swap partitions are type 83?

On Tuesday, June 02 2009, Allen Kistler said:
>> Yes, it is a change but ... so what?
> "So what" is kind of my question, too, but maybe with a different  
> inclination.  I recognize that Fedora works okay with swaps as type 83, 
> but:

And basically any Linux distro or anything that is going to care about
actually _using_ a Linux swap.  Partition ids haven't really been a huge
deal for Linux in over five years

> 1. Has that been a conscious design choice?
>    Well, no, apparently it wasn't.  It simply resulted because anaconda
>    switched in F11 to using parted for partitioning.  How much anaconda
>    should do vs. how much parted should do is being discussed among the
>    maintainers.  The rest of us get to wait and watch.

For clarification, anaconda has been using parted for partitioning for
eight years.  The code just got reworked for the Fedora 11 cycle and the
swap flag setting got lost in the shuffle

> 2. Does it introduce inter-operation problems with other distros
>    (i.e., dual-boot, etc.) and non-Fedora apps?
>    On that, no one seems to know for sure, but there is concern
>    that it might.  From the comments in the bug, I'd say type 82 is
>    likely to make a return.  Whether it does so by F11 GA is another
>    matter.

With a fairly high degree of certainty I can say it won't.  There might
be problems with something like PartitionMagic (I haven't looked at
their behavior with various odd cases in a couple of years) but the
Linux world has basically stopped caring since with non-msdos partition
tables, you don't have any partition ids to key off of.


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