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Re: Rebasing F9 bugs..

On Tue, 02 Jun 2009 17:56:29 -0700, John wrote:

> Steven M. Parrish said the following on 06/02/2009 03:31 PM Pacific Time:
> > As everyone knows F9 is quickly approaching EOL.  When it does one of the
> > housekeeping duties that is done is to rebase all open bugs for that release
> > to the next release, in this case F10.
> I have never understood this to be one of our duties.  Is this 
> documented anywhere?

It would be a helpful effort. Carrying over known bugs from one dist
release to the next one is among the most frustrating things for users.

> Our usual practice is to automatically close bugs for the release going EOL.

Are statistics available about how many of the automatically closed bugs
stay closed? How many of them have not seen any reponse at all from the

In my opinion what you call "usual practice" drives away bug reporters.
Anything that closes bugs automatically should happen much earlier. In the
case of EOL, much earlier than EOL. For example, as soon as FN+1 is
available, open tickets (especially those without comments from the owner)
should be queried automatically and added with comments to ask reporters
to reproduce a problem on the current dist [and even open a fresh ticket
per dist release].

Automatically closing tickets hides many issues under the carpet. In
particular those where the package owner gives a sh**. It is unusually bad
as it helps with keeping desolate Fedora packages in the package
collection. One can only hope for more users to cause uproar and complain
about Fedora more loudly.

Opened for F7, ignored for months, closed automatically at F7 EOL instead
of rebasing it to F8. Nobody cared that the problem was said to be easily
reproducible with F9. No triager, not even the package owner. Thanks to
someone, who took the time, a copy to a new ticket for F9 was created,
instead of rebasing the old ticket to F9 (and keeping the CC list!).
And only because even another user rebased it to F10 early enough,
it won't become a victim of the F9 EOL bug-closing bot.

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