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Re: Fedora 11 Test Day survey

On Wed June 3 2009, James Laska wrote:

> 1. How did you find out about Fedora Test Days?

devel mailing list

> 2. Was sufficient documentation available to help you participate in a
> Fedora Test Day?  If not, what did you find missing or in need of
> improvement?


> 3. Did you encounter any obstacles preventing participation in Fedora
> test Days?  How might they have been avoided?  Did you discover any
> workaround?

The live iso images failed to be converted to live usb media on F10 with a 
strange looking boot menu. It could have beend avoided with testing this 
before starting the test day.

> 4. Were you able to locate and download installation media for testing?
> Did it function as expected?

Yes. No, see 3. Also I would have expected testing instructions on the live 
media to perform the tests without the need to setup an internet connection on 
the testing machine. Also some bug report info gathering scripts would have 
been nice, that e.g. collect all the data required by the packages maintainers 
for a bug report in some file on the usb medium. E.g. the Xorg people wanted a 
lot of information that I did not have anymore after I rebooted to my stable 
F10 system and reported the bug. Also when the test crashes the Xserver, it is 
very annoying to get to the log files, because they are deleted after a 

Also the media was not signed in a way that one can easily verify that it was 
not tampered with. E.g. the official Fedora releases are normally signed with 
a gpg key that can be obtained via the SSH secured CVS repository.

> 5. What follow-up actions do you expect after the Test Day?  Are your
> expectations currently being met?

The reported bugs should be fixed soon. 

> 6. Would you participate again in future Fedora Test Days?


> 7. Do you have any more general comments or any suggestions for
> improving future test days?

It would be nice to automate the tests that need to be run, e.g. just boot the 
media and then the tests are automatically started and the user is asked for 
input in case something cannot be detected automatically. This is especially 
useful for testing hardware support, because the required testing actions are 
mostly simple, e.g. boot with this option, play this video, ...


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