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request for server(s) for F10 Final -> F11 Final deltaisos

Is there someone out there with a _real_ file server (unlike the file hosting service I've been using for the RCs, which deletes files that haven't been downloaded in 15 days) who could host deltaisos for F10 Final -> F11 Final on release day? Normally, disos for each of the 3 platforms would be about 50% of the full ISO size. Due to the i586 package rebuild, the percentages for i386 and x86_64 should be more like 80% and 57%, resp., with ppc unaffected (I think), so it would only be worthwhile to host these for x86_64 and ppc this time. Depending on whether there is an i686 rebuild for F12, it may be worthwhile to host all three when F12 comes out.

I've considered bittorrent, and would be willing to create and seed a torrent, though it would be nice for the torrent to live on something official like torrents.fedoraproject.org. But the disos are mostly useful to people with slow connections, like 768/128 Kbits. On such a connection, it's still difficult to download the diso, and much harder to seed to a ratio of 1. So direct download is much preferred.

Generating the disos is trivial - make sure the deltarpm package is installed, then see the makedeltaiso man page. The syntax is

makedeltaiso oldiso newiso deltaiso

so all that's needed is to have the full F10 and F11 Final ISOs, then let this command run for about 40 minutes to generate the deltaiso, then put it on the server. Jonathan Dieter already has an i386 Beta -> Preview diso at


but his server seem dedicated to i386 only, plus I don't know if his bandwidth quota could handle the load.

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