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Re: Fedora 11 updates-testing

Mike Chambers wrote:
> And to answer, that depends on if your using a mirror or directly from
> Fedora's servers themselves.  But they have to be built first (or are
> they built *then* the email is sent?) and then time to get out to the
> mirrors.  Maybe someone in the know can give a quick explanation on how
> that all lays out and answer your question better.

Actually, it's not just mirroring.

There are 4 steps until an update gets pushed to testing (or directly to
1. The update gets built in Koji.
2. The maintainer files an update in Bodhi.
3. The next "update push" happens, where the updates actually get pushed:
rel-eng signs them, the tags get moved and new updates-testing and updates
repositories get composed on the master mirror.
4. The update push gets mirrored.

The first notification Bodhi posts to Bugzilla is during 2., at that point
the update cannot be downloaded (except directly from Koji, which is
usually a bad idea for bandwidth and convenience reasons). There's a second
notification during 3. After that second notification, you need to allow
for a few hours to a few days (depending on the mirror) to sync the
contents (step 4).

For a move from testing to stable, the steps are:
5. The maintainer requests the push to stable.
6. Same as 3.
7. Same as 4.
There's another notification posted to Bugzilla at step 6. Again, you need
to wait for mirroring (step 7).

I hope this clears things up.

        Kevin Kofler

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