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Re: no display after pre-upgrade from F10 to Rawhide

On 06/08/2009 01:30 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
Fedora intentionally doesn't have one, as it duplicates work done by
X.org (device / driver detection is done in the X server).

So, how do we get this info to anaconda, such that we can avoid breaking users' setups? In my case, the X driver for radeon could have conceivably told anaconda that it was not going to help, but then anaconda would have had to know to go to ask the other radeon driver. I suppose per-manufacturer there aren't that many to try.

Then there needs to be a way to iterate this process for sound cards, NIC's, storage, etc. e.g. a while back a SCSI controller I used moved from megaraid to megaraid-legacy or something along those lines. I realize most of these device ID's are available in .h files, but AFAIK, there's not yet a uniform way to query/compile/extract them. It might be possible to define a set of transforms for each category, and only compile an install-time database at build time.

Then there's the further problem of which driver options are stable per hardware device. e.g. in X, acceleration types, opengl settings, etc. But maybe the right thing is to just build in the correct defaults into the driver. But then determining which defaults are correct across the myriad devices developers don't have is another problem, but one something like smolt could also address.


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