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Re: Issues with the Live CD requirement for separate /boot

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 02:59:35AM +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Scott Robbins wrote:
> > Judging from the forums, the fact that the Live CD requires an ext3
> > /boot and ext4 / is catching a lot of people by surprise.
> Yeah. I had been lobbying for getting the ext4 GRUB built and tagged into
> F11, but the maintainer didn't care. It's too bad. :-( The patched GRUB
> would have actually made it into F11 if the maintainer had bothered.
>         Kevin Kofler

Heh, THAT'S not going in the sticky.  It was more like "Due to a
combination of circumstances...."  

It's unfortunate, and certainly not a show stopper type issue--again, it
has to do with the sort of people who will get caught by it.  Well, I
see Vince moved my sticky to an announcement, so hopefully, we'll catch
some of the people.  

For those of you who labor on the release notes and FAQ--fear not, there
are still many techie types who DO benefit from your work and believe
me, we are grateful.

Scott Robbins
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