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Re: Trying to slim down my installation

On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 06:52 -0700, Steven I Usdansky wrote:
> At 79 MB, libgweather is one of the larger packages I have installed. 
> Now, I think, "I really don't need libgweather, I'll just remove it". 
> Just to be safe, I do a 
> ~# rpm -q --whatrequires libgweather
> no package requires libgweather
> and think cool, time to uninstall libgweather. However,
> ~# rpm -e libgweather
> error: Failed dependencies:
>     libgweather.so.1 is needed by (installed) evolution-data-server-2.27.2-1.fc12.i586
>     libgweather.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-panel-2.26.2-2.fc12.i586
>     libgweather.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-applets-1:2.27.2-1.fc12.i586
> I seem to be getting conflicting information here. To which app(s) belong(s) the bug(s)?

--whatrequires asks about a capability, not a package.  Package names
are one kind of capability; the sonames of the libraries in that package
are another.

What you want is more like:

% rpm -q --whatrequires $(rpm -q --provides libgweather | awk '{ print
$1 }')

- ajax

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