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Re: Issues with the Live CD requirement for separate /boot

On 06/10/2009 10:17 PM, Alan Milnes wrote:

> LVM doesn't give the issues we are seeing today 

What sort of issues is that? If you want LVM and you want it without a
separate /boot, the issue is similar to the one with Ext4.

- most people giving
> Fedora a go with the LiveCD won't have a separate boot partition. 

Disagree with that assertion. Most people using Live CD's will just use
the default scheme which is to have a separate /boot partition and won't
even notice anything. The people who care about their partition schemes
and filesystems are the minority by far.

If we
> need to keep the DVD and LiveCD defaults the same then perhaps the
> switch to ext4 shouldn't have been made until GRUB can read it.

GRUB has patches to read it. It needs testing and that will happen
before the next release. I don't see the minor disadvantage of a /boot
worth postponing the presence of Ext4 by default. Anyway the decision
has already been made and release is out. No point in mulling over that.

The only thing that can be done now is to update the release notes and
point people to it. Somebody do that instead of discussing what if


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