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Re: mozilla javascript segment exception

2009/6/10 Anne & Lynn Wheeler <lynn garlic com>:
> recent builds of firefox/seamonkey on up-to-date F10 x64 worked fine
> yesterday morning
> yesterday afternoon, same files after f11 x64 upgrade started failing
> (visiting most URLs requiring javascript & javascript enabled) with segment
> exception (under xfce, kde, & gnome). Problem shows up with both x64 and
> non-x64 builds of firefox as well as (non-x64 build) of seamonkey.
> javascript acceleration is enabled for firefox builds.
> some random testing found a seamonkey build from last sept2008 that didn't
> fail

Can you please run "firefox -g" do debug this and collect some
hopefully stack traces? Please attach this and open a bug report.

Please find more informations at:



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