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BugZappers Meeting Recap for 2009-06-16

The meeting recap and full IRC transcript can be found here:

Please make any corrections and clarifications to that page.

= Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-06-16 =


== Attendees ==

1. adamw
2. rjune_wrk
3. tk009
4. nirik
5. arxs
6. sgireesh
7. comphappy_
8. thomasj
9. comphappy
10. jlaska

== Meeting Recap ==

* Topic: update on components and triagers page refresh (and FAS groups)

 The components page is still in early development, with some design
decisions yet to be finalized. comphappy will continue to update on
 The metrics are not currently updating, this is a result of ongoing
work comphappy is doing, and he aware of the issue.

* Topic: tk009 to report if he figured out how the 'important component
list' was generated

 Spoke with jds2001 and f13 after the meeting. f13 advised using
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Critical_Path_Packages_Proposal from FAD
as a guide to updating the "triagers components list" rather than the
method that was used previously. Will investigate and advise next week.

* Topic: update on kernel triage status

No new information at this time. adamw is awaiting responses, and will
escalate if not received soon.
There was discussion on this topic in the F11 retrospective meeting. We
are reminded to ensure we coordinate our efforts with all interested

* Topic: request from EPEL project for help with their bug day

 There was general discussion and a reminder about the upcoming EPEL
Team Bug Day.
 The event will take place in #epel on freenode. Michael Stahnke of the
EPEL Project will provide further details on fedora-test-list when

All BugZappers are encouraged to help and support the EPEL team by
participating in this event.

Edward (TK009)

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