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Re: use single /home for f11 and rawhide

On 06/19/2009 07:23 PM, Niels Haase wrote:
Did anyone try to use a single /home directory for more than one release?
My intention is to use it for f11 and rawhide to save space and have all
the important data in one directory.
But I doubt about the .gconf, .config or any other configuration directory.
If this is relay a problem to have a configuration file for more than one
version of GNOME (or something)

I want to avoiding creating (false) bugs, who are caused by this.


I do. I have fedoras 8 to 10, rawhide and centos and a couple of other flavors of fedora desktop installs all using the same /home. I do have probs from time to time but it is usually with programs that store directory names in config files in a /home dir and change the directory name from release to release (i.e., thunderbird). That said, keeping the same home dir has saved my lots of time and probs that do pop up have been easily traceable.

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