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Re: Rawhide is pretty hosed right now

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 9:05 PM, Jonathan Kamens <jik kamens brookline ma us> wrote:
It appears that there was a gcc bug in rawhide for long enough to hose quite a few packages when they got recompiled.  For example: firefox crashes (can be fixed by downgrading to older xulrunner), GIMP hangs when you try to use the dodge / burn tool, the GIMP help-browser plugin crashes, the applet icon for gnome-volume-control-applet is corrupt, the applet icon for the system-config-printer applet is messed up, vino was crashing (although this particular problem seems to be fixed in newest rawhide package), /usr/lib/sa/sadc is crashing.

In addition, the rawhide kernel is reporting tons of "list_add corruption" call traces in the dmesg output, and as far as I can tell this may actually be causing some applications to malfunction -- I saw Picasa, for example, behaving in weird ways that seemed to stop happening when I switched to an older kernel without this problem.

The links above are to all the tickets I and others have filed in bugzilla about these issues.  But there are two serious issues about which I haven't filed tickets because I'm unsure how to categorize them:
  1. Even when I'm not actually doing anything on my system that should be causing significant load, the load average hovers between around 1.5 and 2.5.  Until recently, when I wasn't doing anything actively, the load average stuck pretty close to 0, where it should be.
  2. Audio is pretty hosed.  First, none of the devices in /dev/snd were owned by me even though I'm logged in on the console, so I couldn't get any audio at all.  I changed them to be owned by me, but then I had to do all sorts of fiddling with alsamixer -c0 just to get sound to come out of xmms.  It's not a good scene.
Just giving people a heads up that upgrading to rawhide right now seems a bit risky.  If you have any advice for me on how to mitigate any of these issues, I'm all ears.



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Is there bugzilla ticket for the gcc bug?

Vedran Miletić

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