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Re: Rawhide is pretty hosed right now


> It appears that there was a gcc bug in rawhide for long enough to hose
> quite a few packages when they got recompiled.  For example: firefox
> crashes (can be fixed by downgrading to older xulrunner), GIMP hangs
> when you try to use the dodge / burn tool, the GIMP help-browser
> plugin crashes, the applet icon for gnome-volume-control-applet is
> corrupt, the applet icon for the system-config-printer applet is
> messed up, vino was crashing (although this particular problem seems
> to be fixed in newest rawhide package), /usr/lib/sa/sadc is crashing.

And? This is rawhide we're talking about. Remember the line, rawhide
eats babies!

My only problems are I need to be su to get sound out of my machines,
firefox is hosed (xulrunnner problem) and sometimes nautilus dies. Other
than that, it's pretty much go.



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