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Re: rawhide useablity

2009/6/23 Rob Healey <robhealey1 gmail com>
> Greetings all, but I am hoping for a response from either Rahul Sandaran or Jesse Keating!
> Is rawhide usable right now as it sits?  I love to use the rawhide version because I love to be on bleeding edge of software and new features, but if I can't do anything???

I use it on all my systems around (some with Intel, Nvidia or ATI
graphic cards) so it can switch over to another system if there are
troubles with the X driver. I actually try to use a dual boot
environment on the main system with F11 an Rawhide with the same /home
directory for both. So if something in Rawhide is broken, i just boot
up F11, but have all my settings (especially visited sites/bookmarks
from Firefox) on F11. Maybe it's not best idea to share the /home
directory, but until know, if have no troubles with it. But I think
that for a Rawhide beginner, the way suggested by Rahul is properly
the best.

As the other says, this is a suggestion, not at recommendation


> Sincerely and thankfully yours,
> Rob G. Healey
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