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rawhide usability


I know that this is not probably the best or recommended way to respond also!  There has been such a huge response to my question, that I can't take the time to answer everyone individually right now.  I apologize to all if I am offending anyone...

There has been so many people to reponse to this thought process here.

There has been so many ideas and suggestions, and I value everyone of them.  So much experience and expertise in these people and their time in writing back to little old me.  I am a little overwhelmed!

I too have a production system with dual boot, but mine is, Fedora 11 and Win XP right now.  I never had thought of doing two fedora versions on one machine.  I wonder if I should do a triple boot? Fedora 11, Rawhide, and Win XP???

I only have my windows for two purposes:
1) Commercial Tax Preparing software
2) the scanning software for my printer does not work too well in linux...

My printer works great, but the manufacturer's scanning software does not work well with it right now.  I think they have a bug right now too....

I appreciate all of you that took the time to read and then also respond!!!

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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