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Xorg 1.6.99-6?


I am having a huge problem with Xorg right now?  I have a P4, 2GHz, with 1.5Gb of Ram.  With a Nvidia GeForce4 4400 with AGPBX video card and a Nvidia GeForce 5200 card as well.  Neither of these two cards are working with the current xorg-x11-server*  It is the version number listed above. 

I do not believe it is my video card though because the server gives me a segmentation fault error!  Can someone tell me how to make a livecd of my own?  Using the current package list in rawhide and using Windows if possible since I do not have any graphics within linux right now? If you can help me, please give me baby steps in your howto???

It was working just fine before the last update to the xorg-x11-server!  I have tried to downgrade using yum, but it says that there is nothing to dowgrade to?  I just need my linux system back up???    Does anyone know where I could get the older version of the Xorg-x11-server packages even if I need to build it from a *.src.rpm?

Thanks  million,
Desperately yours,
Rob G. Healey

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