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Re: 2009-06-24 - Fedora QA meeting Recap ([[Xorg/Debugging]])

Christopher Beland, Thu, 25 Jun 2009 21:39:09 -0400:
> * What is the advice for Fedora 10 users, upgrade to F11 and retry?  Try
> a F11 or Rawhide LiveCD/USB?

Just to make it very plain ... we should NEVER say that somebody should 
upgrade from their supported distro just to fix the bug. We may be forced 
to tell them we don't see much hope for fixing their bug in the old 
distro, but you should be vrey aware and conscious, that this is failure 
on our side. We have promised them to support their distro for a year and 
month (or so) ... we may have to fail to honor our promise, but we should 
be aware that we are failing.

> * How do I tell if I have "KMS problems" or "OpenGL/Mesa problems"?

try nomodeset and if it helps you have KMS problem?

> * How do I tell which applications use OpenGL?

ldd <binary file> |grep libGL


> * I assume if you are using OpenGL, you'll always have the command
> "glxinfo" installed?  If not, readers would need to know how to install
> it.

I think that it is in the very default installation, but not 100% 
positive about that.


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