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strigi f12 ram usage

Don't really know if this is a bug or not, but I'll mention it just in case.

Running rawhide, strigi version 0.6.4-4.fc12.

Just after reboot I had strigidaemon eating about 1/2 of my RAM, without doing anything.

Seemingly though, the half just appears to be a coincidence. I've looked through my strigi lucene folder, it had about the same size of files in it. After deleting manually, the issue seems to be gone.

So, it looks to me (forgive me if I'm ignorant) that it kept the whole lucene index in memory. Top tells me it was eating 1004 MB (of my 2G) and not consuming any more CPU time than 0.4%.


P.S. Off topic, but will we be getting a sesame backend for nepomuk in rawhide?

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