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Re: Video/Flash not working as of today on F11

Aioanei Rares wrote:
Rick Stevens wrote:
Leslie Satenstein wrote:
With the external flash from Adobe, all was working well until today. Now I have sound, but no video. Same problem with F10. The video card is onboard intel 810 Mother board d945gnt.

Best linux compatible motherboard I have owned.

Gee, my Gigabyte GA-M55PLUS-S3G (Opteron 1210) and my ASUStek M3N78-VM
(Phenom X4) boards work very well, too (both nVidia chipsets).

So what? You're not quite helping the man, I see.

Just commenting on other MBs that work fine.  Unfortunately, the only
Intel graphics machine I have is an HP laptop.  A lot of threads on this
list have indicated that there were (emphasis on the "were") a large
number of teething problems with F11 and Intel graphics.  I think most
have been ironed out.

I've have problems with Flash under Linux a lot.  The most common issue
has been that the plugin won't allow me any control over things such as
the webcam or mic.  Under Firefox, the controls are greyed out.  Under
Konqueror you can't dismiss the control window at all.  Under Opera you
can't even open the control window.  All using the same plugin.  I'm not
fond of Flash, and Adobe is, shall we say, less than responsive to bug
reports about Linux instances (especially the 64-bit version).
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