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Re: Preupgrade problem

> If you're going to be doing preupgrades, please:
> 1) use preupgrade-1.1.0 (in updates-testing right now), and
> 2) don't bother going from F9->F10->F11. Just go straight to 11/Rawhide.

Just to clarify: I went from F9 to F10 when F10 came out using
preupgrade.  I'm now attempting to go from F10 to F11/Rawhide.

Here are some versions, which I should have included (sorry!):


Basically, I should be up to date with F10 updates-testing.

> That's odd. It looks like createrepo failed. But notice the
> "generate_repodata_f9" line there - if your system is F10, why is it
> using F9 createrepo?

I have no idea.... I only have the above package installed, and only
/usr/bin/createrepo.  Weird.

> Try upgrading createrepo (and preupgrade!) and try it again. You should
> also update your system and run 'package-cleanup --problems' to make
> sure your system has the right packages. The old preupgrade (1.0.x)
> didn't install updates etc. so it sometimes fails to upgrade packages
> that need upgrading.

package-cleanup reported no problems found.

> > I have picasa 3.x installed, and probably some other external
> > packages; could they be causing the crash?
> Possibly. It looks like createrepo is having trouble handling some
> non-UTF8 data from some of your packages. Probably your createrepo
> package is old and just a bit buggy.
> If you were using preupgrade-1.1.0 it could possibly be due to
> misbehaving packages in a third-party repo. But you didn't mention that,
> so it's probably not the problem.

I guess that possibility is back in the running....

> > If preupgrade doesn't
> > work, I may either try to upgrade via yum after release or burn a
> > disk.  TIA!
> Please, do yourself a favor and do *not* yum upgrade.
> If you decide to ignore me and do it anyway, do *NOT* run yum from a
> terminal in X. Run it in a 'screen' session, or from a virtual terminal,
> or something like that. If the terminal crashes mid-upgrade - and there
> are known bugs that will cause that! - your system will be a broken
> half-upgraded mess of duplicate and/or missing packages.
> Seriously. Yum upgrades on a running system are not safe. Be very
> careful with them.

Thanks for the warning.  I've done just that several times, since
maybe around FC4.  I guess I was lucky!  If it comes to it, I will do
an upgrade via DVD.


Don Marquis  - "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with
yesterday." - http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/don_marquis.html

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