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Experiences upgrading omen.com to Rawhide

Rawhide seems to be settling down so I decided
it was time to try Rawhide on my server which had
been running Fedora 10 with an older Rawhide kernel.

Initial installation  and network setup went about as
well as can be expected given the two networks
and local installation files.

At first Apache and crontab just didn't work.  Not seeing
any relevant error messages, it took a while to identify
Selinux as the bad actor.  Things worked after disabling

I installed dhcpd with add/remove software.  This version
doesn't work with the services applet.  Another version
of dhcpd apparently does work this way.

The advanced volume control app now starts the mixer.
May I suggest it be called what it is - mixer.

Previously reported problems with the mixer not being
able to select CD/AUX remain.  I am trying to isolate a
problem where the recording gain changes for no
apparent reason, then changes back some time later.

Otherwise, with Selinux turned off and a few other tweeks Rawhide
seems to be stable running omen.com.

Chuck Forsberg    caf omen com   www.omen.com   503-614-0430
Developer of Industrial ZMODEM(Tm) for Embedded Applications
  Omen Technology Inc      "The High Reliability Software"
10255 NW Old Cornelius Pass Portland OR 97231   FAX 629-0665

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