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Re: Shouldn't the fact that beagle doesn't work with both firefox and thunderbird be a release blocker?

On Fri, 2009-05-22 at 12:00 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Removing Beagle is one of the first things many Mandriva users do, on
> installing the system.
And the first thing I would do, had it been installed on Fedora...

> It seems that it's just not a function many users find useful, yet.
> Maybe a more comprehensive implementation like KDE's Nepomuk will do the
> trick. But yeah, desktop search is not very widely used on Linux, and
> Beagle not working with Thunderbird / Firefox wouldn't be considered a
> blocker by many in QA or releng, I don't believe.
Hm... While I can see some usecase for many users and desktop search, I
myself hadn't used desktop search for years (and, it is probably just a
lack of imagination, I cannot imagine what would desktop search be
supposed to do in web browser)... Good and clean directory structure
seems faster to me (although out of question for most people I know)
than search functionality unless batch removing files, for which the
combination of 'rm' and 'find' is the IMHO best solution. Hm... but come
to think of it, I sometimes use integrated search in mc, but usually
when I need to search specific content...

Unless beagle, or rather tracker, works in a way that if I don't
explicitly use it, I don't notice it, I would rather not have it
installed by default.


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