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Re: Fedora 11 RC2 installation testing

I have made available a deltaiso from the i386 Preview DVD ISO to the i386 RC2 ISO. It is 233945224 bytes (about 6-7% the size of the full ISO) with MD5 f0413ba9d23be4dd1778a06f35c80a43, and can be downloaded from


(after clicking on the "Proceed to File Download Page" link). To apply it, one needs to have the deltarpm package installed, and then run the command

applydeltaiso Fedora-11-Preview-i386-DVD.iso Fedora-11-Preview_rc2-i386-DVD.diso Fedora-11-i386-DVD.iso

(assuming the first two files are in the current directory). On a reasonably fast machine this should complete in about 15-20 minutes. Of course, one should check the sha256sum of the final ISO (listed in Fedora-11-i386-CHECKSUM as 07f1229ad5717d63d2e08d556b9221be71a825ad83b9090b4632bf7208189bf6) - I only provided the MD5 of the diso to allow a quick check that the download isn't corrupted. I don't intend to make disos for the other ISOs, since it would be far easier for someone who doesn't have to download the full ISO first. This was just done as a demonstration. Since the Preview for each of the platforms is already available on numerous mirrors, I suggest that the RC server should only host disos, with the Preview first being downloaded from elsewhere.

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