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grub installs on wrong disk (or wants to)

On a multi-disk system, start with at least the first disk (sda) uninitialized and at least one of the others initialized (e.g., sdb, partitioned or not). Install with any partitioning you desire. When you get to the "install boot loader" screen, anaconda wants to install grub on the first previously initialized disk (sdb in this example), not on the actual first disk (sda).

There are two workarounds.
1. Click "Change Device" and tell anaconda to recognize a different
   (i.e., the correct) BIOS order
2. After installation, boot into the DVD rescue mode to reinstall grub
   and (very important!) to edit grub.conf for the correct hd numbers

Big deal or not? My take is it's a bug worth fixing at some point. For F11 GA, it's probably enough to include it in the Release Notes as a known issue (but still fix it for real later).

I've filed BZ #503299, but I thought I'd point it out for consideration in the Release Notes if somebody thinks it's worth it.

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