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Re: Where's Konqueror in SU

Richard Ryniker wrote:
It's dead easy to install a system with no means to login to a GUI and
configure stuff.

Boot to runlevel 3 and log in as root, then create the account you want
for graphical login ("useradd <worker-id>" and "passwd <worker-id>".

You seem to have missed the point. Nobody should have to work around this problem, it should not occur.

If Anaconda does not provide a means of creating an alternative _administrator_ account, then root needs to be able to login to use the preferred (by RH) GUI tools for creating user accounts

The current position is that root cannot login via the DM, but can do a text-mode login and then startx.

If things are so bad this does not work, boot to runlevel 1 and figure
out what is wrong, or re-install.

Reinstalling wasn't going to fix the problem.



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